NYU3T: teaching, technology, teamwork: a model for interprofessional education scalability and sustainability

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Interprofessional education is a critical precursor to effective teamwork and the collaboration of health care professionals in clinical settings. Numerous barriers have been identified that preclude scalable and sustainable interprofessional education (IPE) efforts. This article describes NYU3T: Teaching, Technology, Teamwork, a model that uses novel technologies such as Web-based learning, virtual patients, and high-fidelity simulation to overcome some of the common barriers and drive implementation of evidence-based teamwork curricula. It outlines the program's curricular components, implementation strategy, evaluation methods, and lessons learned from the first year of delivery and describes implications for future large-scale IPE initiatives.

PubMed URL: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/22920424

Djukic, Maja
Fulmer, Terry
Adams, Jennifer G
Lee, Sabrina
Triola, Marc M
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Nursing Clinics of North America. 47(3):333-46, 2012 Sep.