Nurse-physician relations and quality of nursing care: findings from a national survey of nurses

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This article investigates the association between nurse-physician working relations and nurse-rated quality of nursing team care.The analysis is based on a nationally representative sample of registered nurses working in Canadian hospitals. Multiple logistic regression was used to examine the association between the quality of nurse-physician working relations and nurses' reports of fair or poor nursing team care on the last shift worked. Unfavourable quality of nurse-physician working relations was significantly related to lower quality of nursing team care, controlling for other potential influences. These influences included low nurse co-worker support, job dissatisfaction, and self-rated poor general health, each of which was also related to lower care quality.The analysis highlights the importance of interprofessional working relations to nurse-perceived quality of patient care in Canadian hospitals.

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Kenaszchuk, Chris
Wilkins, Kathryn
Reeves, Scott
Zwarenstein, Merrick
Russell, Ann
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Canadian Journal of Nursing Research. 42(2):120-36, 2010 Jun.