Interprofessional psychiatric teams: is multidimensionality evident in treatment conferences?

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Interprofessional teamwork is practised when the care needs of patients are complex. Little is known about the extent to which team competence really determines patient interventions. The aim of the study was to examine the degree of multidimensionality in patient discussions in psychiatry, and to how different professions contribute. Psychiatric teams were observed during 30 team meetings. A content analysis was used to examine the amount of attention given to medical, psychological and social aspects. The results indicated difficulties in achieving multidimensionality in patient discussions during team meetings. The descriptive element of the discussion was dominated by the social aspect, to which all professions contributed. The analytical element was dominated by the psychological aspect, also to which all the professions contributed. In suggesting interventions, medical interventions were emphasized, principally by the physicians. Decisions on interventions concerned equally medical, social and psychological aspects. An interprofessional composition of teams offers no guarantee that interventions will be of a multidimensional nature. The results are discussed in relation to previous research and practical implications.

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Blomqvist, Suzanne
Engstrom, Ingemar
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Journal of Interprofessional Care. 26(4):289-96, 2012 Jul.