An interprofessional pediatric prescribing workshop

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To design, implement, and evaluate an interprofessional learning workshop on pediatric prescribing.


An interactive workshop on pediatric prescribing was designed and delivered by pediatricians and pharmacists to fourth-year medical and pharmacy students on 3 university campus settings. Students were assigned to either interprofessional workshop groups (pharmacy and medical students) or non-interprofessional workshop groups (medical students only).


Two hundred thirty students completed the workshops and 92% returned both the pre- and post-workshop questionnaires. Attitudes toward interprofessional learning significantly improved among students in the interprofessional workshop groups (p< 0.001) and confidence in prescribing for pediatric patients significantly improved among all students (p< 0.001).


The workshop improved medical and pharmacy students' knowledge and confidence in pediatric prescribing and significantly improved their attitudes toward working and learning with other professionals.

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Taylor, Denise
Yuen, Sebastian
Hunt, Linda
Emond, Alan
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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 2012; 76(6):111.