Interprofessional education in health sciences: the University of Queensland Health Care Team Challenge

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Successful transition of students to competent work-ready health professionals requires an ability to work in health care teams. Poor communication and teamwork practice has been implicated as a contributing source of error affecting patient safety. Traditional university curriculum structures severely limit the time that students from different professions can spend together, learning about and from each other (interprofessional education [IPE]). IPE initiatives need to focus on whole-of-system impacts and organisational sustainability. The Health Care Team Challenge (HCTC) is a high-profile leadership strategy that engages students, academic staff, practising professionals, policymakers and industry in a whole-of-system approach to IPE and interprofessional practice. Interprofessional student teams compete at a live public event for a cash prize for the best management plan centred on a complex clinical case study. National and international HCTCs are planned for future years.

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Boyce, Rosalie A
Moran, Monica C
Nissen, Lisa M
Chenery, Helen J
Brooks, Peter M
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Medical Journal of Australia. 190(8):433-6, 2009 Apr 20.