Oregon Health & Science University: EHR's to Enhance Collaborative Care & Outcomes

Member since:  July 2014

Intervention: Electronic Health Records Enhance Collaborative Care and Patient Outcomes


  • Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences and Interprofessional Simulation Center
  • OHSU affiliated hospitals and clinics statewide

Occupations represented: Students and professionals including nurses, pharmacists, physicians and respiratory therapists.

Overview: The focus of this intervention study is to improve, expand and standardize provider and student knowledge and use of an electronic health record (EHR) on both the individual and system level.

Using the Interprofessional Simulation Center, this intervention is creating a patient-centered, virtual environment using EHRs that develop study cases and an EHR "toolbox" for interactive team activities with faculty care teams that have student learners. 

These cases are derived from a previous error study conducted in the medical intensive care unit (MICU). The intervention team has selected cases in which the errors likely resulted from confusion about particular EHRs and what information was used by the various providers.

Once the simulation identifies best practices that reduce these kinds of errors, the resulting standardized approach for entry and retrieval of patient information will be implemented on the MICU. Quantitative and qualitative outcome measures are used to capture the impact on up to 45 interprofessional care teams.

Intervention study question:

  • What is the effect of the EHR on team decision making, error recognition and interprofessional communication?