Oregon Health & Science University: Assessing & Enhancing Clinical Education Sites for IPECP

Member since: July 2014

Intervention: Assessing and Enhancing Clinical Education Sites for IPECP


  • Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)
  • OHSU Collaborative Life Sciences and Interprofessional Simulation Center
  • OHSU affiliated hospitals and clinics statewide
  • VA Portland Health Care System (VAPORHCS)

Occupations represented: Students and professionals including dentists, nurses and physicians.

OverviewAssessing and Enhancing Clinical Education Sites for IPE, or ACE intervention, is focused on placing learners in clinical education sites where teams with high levels of "teamness" model interprofessional collaborative practice. This intervention enhances the interface between education and clinical practice - also known as the Nexus - by focusing on educating learners in clinical settings where optimal teamwork skills are modeled.

To determine which clinical settings offer this high-value learning, the intervention is broken into phases:

  • Phase I establishes the validity and reliability of a method to assess interprofessional teamwork skills.
  • Phase II consists of inviting clinical education sites to use ACE for internal team development. Semi-structured interviews will be used to gather process and outcome information about how sites use ACE and what kind of team development is achieved.
  • Phase III will ask sites to engage in more extensive development and will collaborate with the ACE team to create site-specific programs to further enhance role models of collaborative practice for IPE learners. 
  • Enhancing clinical education environments holds promise for a graduate's ability to influence the Triple Aim by learning from high-performing teams that effectively deliver collaborative care.

This intervention aims to enhance clinical education environments by:

  • Assessing a clinical team's readiness for IPE
  • Using assessments as an invitation for team development.


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