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The Nexus is coming to life at sites across the country, where Network members are turning ideas into action and creating a practical snapshot of how interprofessional practice and education can be used effectively in different clinical and learning environments.


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The Nexus Innovation Network is a growing national community of practice-education partners coordinated through the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. These partners transform ideas into action, creating a set of diverse portraits of how interprofessional practice and education can be used effectively in different clinical and learning environments.

Research at Nexus Innovation Network sites covers a wide array of topics, focusing on clinical practice, community engagement, on-site training and classroom interprofessional learning. Read more about the Network of different projects occurring throughout the United States.

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Rush University: Implementing the Ambulatory Integration of the Medical and Social (AIMS) Model

This project provides Rush University Medical Center interprofessional providers, residents, and students an opportunity to work collaboratively to best meet the needs of their patients. At partner clinics, any member on the care team can place referrals to the Rush Health and Aging Department (RHA) for social work follow-up if they identify their patient (18+, public or private payer) has a...

University of Southern Indiana: Student Team Develop Comprehensive Care Plans

Students engage with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT), as well as nurse practitioners and support staff from the USI Community Health Centers, to develop comprehensive care plans and provide patient care. The teams are charged with developing a plan of care that addresses an individual’s primary health care needs. Resources for the plan include individual,...

Indiana University: The Indiana University Student Outreach Clinic Nexus Project

Leaders have identified a need to enhance knowledge about roles, scope of practice, and training of professions at the clinic. Leaders are concerned that lack of knowledge is reducing interprofessional collaboration and contributing to inappropriate, over-, or under-utilization of services. The main objective of this project is to improve quality of care, increase interprofessional collaboration...

University of Colorado: Pediatric Preventive Care

This intervention project takes place in Sheridan Health Services’ School Based Health Center. There are two patient cohorts for testing the impact interprofessional care teams. One cohort contains 80 pediatric patients with asthma, and the other contains 85 pediatric patients with a body mass index (BMI) at or above the 85th percentile. The care teams aim to increase the number of patients with...

University of Colorado: Chronic Pain Management

This intervention project centers on interprofessional care to support approximately 80 adults with chronic pain. Many of the individuals in this patient cohort have not experienced regular preventive care, and so increasing access to preventive care is part of the intervention. Education about the health risks of opioids is also part of the project, and it is delivered via shared medical visits...

University of Colorado: Adult Diabetes Management

This intervention project centers on care of approximately 120 diabetic adults via an interprofessional care team. Most of the individuals in this patient cohort have experienced uncontrolled Type 2 diabetes. Self-management education and a group visit model are components of the intervention. The care team also incorporates shared decision making models that include the patient in decisions....

Arizona Nexus: Interprofessional Education Community of Practice: Connecting IPE Training to Collaborative Practice in Community Health Settings

With the goal of improving health care outcomes, this intervention supports collaborative practice in community-based primary care clinics that serve underserved populations. In Phase 1 of the project, an interdisciplinary group of preceptors will complete the IPE Faculty Development: Train-the Trainer CoP program, and develop lesson plans. In Phase 2, these preceptors will supervise students who...

Arizona Nexus: Community Health Mentor Program (CHMP)

The “Community Health Mentor Program” (CHMP) reflects the alignment of health professions education where the students learn from their assigned community health mentor who has a chronic disease and/or disability about their experience as a patient within the healthcare system and their community, as well as their role within an interprofessional team. The students meet with their assigned mentor...

East Tennessee State University: Foundational Interprofessional Education as Preparation for Collaborative Practice

This project is a classroom-based study of a foundational-level IPE curricula which aims to prepare students for advanced training in collaborative clinical practice models. The curriculum teaches team-care skills that have been shown to improve the Triple Aim . It utilizes the Preceptors in the Nexus Toolkit as well as TeamSTEPPS resources. Students participate over four semesters.

South Dakota Nexus: Interprofessional Teach Back Approach to Patient Care

The purpose of this project is to determine if an interprofessional team of clinicians and students, working together using a standard teach back method, may improve the quality of the patient’s discharge transition, have a positive effect on Sanford team and student collaboration, improve the patient experience of care, and decrease cost while preventing 30-day readmissions.
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