East Tennessee State University: Foundational Interprofessional Education as Preparation for Collaborative Practice

Member Since: December 2015

Intervention: Foundational Interprofessional Education as Preparation for Collaborative Practice


  • East Tennessee State University (ETSU) Quillen College of Medicine
  • ETSU College of Public Health
  • ETSU College of Nursing
  • ETSU College of Pharmacy
  • ETSU College of Clinical and Rehabilitative Sciences
  • ETSU College of Arts and Sciences, Departments of Psychology and Social Work

Occupations represented: Students from audiology, dental hygiene, medicine, nursing, nutrition, pharmacy, physical therapy, psychology, public health, social work, and speech/language.

Overview: This project is a classroom-based study of a foundational-level IPE curricula which aims to prepare students for advanced training in collaborative clinical practice models. The curriculum teaches team-care skills that have been shown to improve the Triple Aim . It utilizes the Preceptors in the Nexus Toolkit as well as TeamSTEPPS resources. Students participate over four semesters.

This project is structured around two primary objectives: 1) engage students in training that builds knowledge and values around current healthcare policy; and 2) increase students’ knowledge and skills around evidence-based team-care practice. It builds on prior work by evaluating observable knowledge and skills known to improve care. Student outcome measures will include changes in attitudes, knowledge and skills in areas of team work, communication, and collaboration.

Intervention Study Questions:

  • Among students participating in a entry-level IPE curricula, how does targeted training in health care and specific skills in the four core competencies (teams, roles, values, communication) affect knowledge and skills development?