Survey of Organizational Attributes for Primary Care (SOAPC)

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Submitted by National Center... on Oct 20, 2016 - 8:56pm CDT

Ohman-Strickland, P.A.
Orzano, A.J.
Nutting, P.A.
Dickinson, W.P.
Scott-Cawiezell, J.
Hahn, K.
Gibel, M.
Crabtree, B.F.

The SOAPC was designed to measure the perspectives of clinicians, nurses, and staff on the internal resources of small family medicine practices. Specifically, the tool measures communication, decision making, stress/chaos, and history of change in a 21-item self-report instrument. The results are meant to provide a practical resource for benchmarking practices and guiding interventions. A validation study of 640 staff from 51 family practices demonstrated a four factor structure and good internal reliability. 

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Descriptive Elements
Who is Being Assessed or Evaluated?: 
Instrument Type: 
Self-report (e.g., survey, questionnaire, self-rating)
Notes for Type: 

Members of family medicine practices responded about their practice.

Source of Data: 
Health care providers, staff
Notes for Data Sources: 

Clinicians, nurses, and staff from each practice were asked to respond.

Instrument Content: 
Reported perceptions, experiences of working relationships, teamwork
Organizational environment, culture
Notes for Content: 

The tool measures four factors of internal resources:

  1. Communication
  2. Decision making 
  3. Stress/chaos
  4. History of change
Instrument Length: 

21 items; less than 15 minutes

Item Format: 
5-point likert-type scale ranging from strongly disagree (1) to strongly agree (5)
Questionnaires were distributed by the office manager and returned to the office manager in sealed envelopes.
Items were averaged within factor and across individuals within a practice.
None described.
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Notes on Access: 

Contact author to confirm permission to use.

Psychometric Elements: Evidence of Validity
The content was based on a model for practice change. Items were mainly culled from existing scales on organizational performance and practice organization. A panel of experts sorted items into core concepts and edited the wording to more closely match the family practice setting.
Response Process: 
The response rate was 58% of individuals contacted.
Internal Structure: 
Factor analysis demonstrated a four factor structure. Internal reliability was good for all four factors (Cronbach’s alpha = 0.73-0.88).
Relation to Other Variables: 
None described.
None described.