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Terri Brandley

Degree & Credential: RN, BSN,CCM
Location: Washington
Title: Masters of Health Professions Education student
Organization: University of Missouri--Kansas City, USA
Profession: Registered Nurse

I am graduating in August, 2016 with a Masters of Health Professions Education (MHPE)  at University of MO-Kansas City. I will be moving to the Vancouver, WA area in the summer of 2015 with my family. During this time, I am going to conferences, educational offerings, and membership meetings of interprofessional, simulation, and health professions educators to develop my educational and interprofessional skills to the fullest extent. This is a new and burgeoning field which I am very excited about! I am also acting as a facilitator of IPE programs at KUMC and UMKC, in addition to being a simulation standardized patient.


I have been a RN for 27 years and enjoy starting up new programs, such as the TBI and catastrophic injuries of our returning soldiers (OEF-OIF-OND) and most recently, the Center for Concussion Management at a local trauma facility/hospital. Would like to take these and other experiences and become a Program Director/ Facilitator with my graduate degree.

I am very interested in faculty development/ continuing professional development with physicians, in particular. I am doing a research project on this subject for graduate school. We educate current health professions students in interprofessional practice, but what about those health care professions already out in the workplace? Also, there will be a continued need for interprofessional education and practice throughout one's career.


Please see my updated CV on Linked In for more information or contact me directly.


All the best. Terri Brandley, RN, BSN, (future MHPE as of August, 2015) 


thank you!