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Julie Richey

Degree & Credential: Bachelor of Science in Health Communication
Location: Missouri
Title: Aspiring Graduate Student
Organization: Association for Women in Communications
Profession: Future Health Communication Training Program Developer/Facilitator

My name is Julie and I am a recent college graduate who is passionate about the power and science behind interprofessional communication in all health care settings. I strongly believe in the importance of effective communication at every level of interaction taken place in the practice of health because I have been inspired by the posititve outcomes that have reflected past efforts to improve quality of care through the strengthening of health communication.

 I am eager to expand my knowledge and education underlining every aspect of health communication to prepare myself for a sucessful career in the development and facilitation of effective health communication training programs catered to all health care professionals. With this aspiration in mind, I am taking on every opportunity that contributes to my growth in the health education realm with hopes of starting an accredited graduate program within the next year.

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