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Diane Pelant BSN

Degree & Credential: BSN,CCRN
Title: Director of NICU and Perinatology
Organization: Centracare Health
Profession: Registered Nurse

An experienced nursing Leader with 28 years of committed service at St. Cloud Hospital, who shares a vision of excellence in delivering quality patient care in a patient and family centered environment. Achievement oriented and quickly can establish credibilty with staff and providers. Main focus is identifying a team vision of innovation and excellence in concert with the organization's strategic plan.

I have extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Role development, Change Development, Influencing/Negotiating, Fianacial Management and Human Resource Managment

Published in the Journal of Pediatric Nursing (2012) Development and Implementation of Pediatric Palliative Care Program- 27(4): 394-401. Epub 2011 Aug 25.

Fostering Transformational Leadership remains a top priority. Support and Encourage Innovation and Creative Design Thinking

Utilizing the Healthy Work Environment principles established be the AACN is a key componnet on the unit on which I leader. Empowrering nurses and support staff to have a "BOLD VOICE' is crucial in today ever changing health care environment. Connecting the dots for staff on the relationship between work environment, employee engagement, patient satisfaction and safety lends well to taking accountability for the care given and culture change.