Nominate Nexus Innovators!

Nominate Nexus Innovators!

Nominate Nexus Innovators!

The Call for Nominations for the 2021 George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award is now open, and we seek nominations to showcase your work! This award is an opportunity to recognize and celebrate innovators who are working in the Nexus to make a difference for individuals, families and communities. Nexus awardees are redesigning practice and education together to achieve the Quadruple Aim: Better Care for Individuals, Improved Health of Populations, Higher Value, and Improving Work Life for the Health Team. The deadline to submit an application is August 13, 2021.


The Nexus: Optimal Alignment of Education and Practice (NexusIPE™)

Since its inception, the National Center has envisioned and committed to health workforce development through the Nexus by aligning interprofessional education with the health systems and communities they serve. This alignment is necessary to transform and reform practice and health professions education together for sustainable and effective improvements in learning, organizational and health/patient outcomes.


Our vision for a Transformed Health System

Core principles of the Nexus include:

  • Partnering with patients, families and communities as full members of the health team
  • Incorporating learners into the interprofessional team in ways that improve learning and add value to health care and the practice setting
  • Creating a closed-loop model between the practice and education partnership for continuous improvement by using data to demonstrate measurable outcomes
  • Committing to identifying and addressing systems-level issues together that create barriers to achieving goals (e.g., professional culture, institutional culture, workforce policy, financial policy)

What is the Nexus?

Redesigning both healthcare education and healthcare delivery simultaneously to be better integrated and more interprofessional while demonstrating outcomes that matter.


The National Center recognizes the importance of local implementation to transform single practice sites, as well as multi-site implementations across systems. Both require leadership from health and education leaders and deep engagement to transform care. Sharing lessons learned at every level is critical to expand the virtuous cycle of transformation to improve health and well-being. Health systems, clinics, educational institutions, and community organizations are eligible to be recognized for extraordinary contributions to the Nexus.


For more information, visit the George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award page on the Nexus Summit 2021 website and place your nomination online today!


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