George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award

Advancing George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award

George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award

The George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award celebrates exemplary interprofessional collaboration in the United States and those who are thinking and acting differently where practice and education connect in health systems.

Given annually at the Nexus Summit, this award recognizes Nexus partnerships of health systems, clinics, educational institutions, and/or community organizations for extraordinary contributions to the Nexus: Redesigning both healthcare education and healthcare delivery simultaneously to be better integrated and more interprofessional while demonstrating outcomes.

The simultaneous transformation of the health system and education requires leadership in both large system and local innovation of all types and at all levels. Focused innovative programs can have profound ripple effects in systems, as can visionary large multi-system initiatives. The lessons from both are needed and important.

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2022 Awardee: learn more

  • Arizona State University CAIPER

2021 Awardees: learn more

  • University of Illinois Chicago
  • University of Oklahoma Health Science Center and Unity Clinic
  • Case Western Reserve University
  • West Virginia University
  • Carolina COVID-19 Student Services Corps

2020 Awardee: learn more

  • University of Maryland

2019 Awardee: learn more

In 2019, the National Center moved to recognize partnerships demonstrating the Nexus at two different levels of implementation:

  • National Interprofessional Initiative on Oral Health (multi-system implementation*)
    • *Multi-System Implementation: Visionary cross-organizational, systems-level partnerships with multiple organizations and groups in partnership with people/patients, families and communities such as statewide or regional IPE collaboratives, health system-community-education organizations partnerships, and national organizations.
  • Community Health Center, Inc. (single-system implementation**)
    • **Single-System Implementation: Meaningful integration of interprofessional education and collaborative practice in local implementation predominantly in a single setting or local network that leverages strong education and practice partnerships.

2018 Awardee: learn more

  • Florida International University

2017 Awardee: learn more

  • The University of Washington, University of Washington Medical Center’s Regional Heart Center

2016 Awardee: learn more

  • University of Southern Indiana
Barbara Brandt and George E. Thibault
About the George E. Thibault, MD Nexus Award

The National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education honors the contributions of George E. Thibault, MD who served as the President of the Josiah Macy Jr.  Foundation from 2008 - 2018.  During his presidency, the Macy Foundation made extraordinary commitments to interprofessional education, linked with better outcomes. Dr. Thibault and the Macy Foundation have hosted many conferences and reports on graduate medical education, interprofessional education, and team-based practice. The seminal report “Aligning IPE with Clinical Practice Resign” was foundational to the vision of the Nexus at the National Center. Dr. Thibault was also instrumental in the founding of the National Center. We honor his legacy in IPE through the naming of this award.