UGEC 2020 Retreat -- Age-Friendly Health Systems and the 4Ms

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This presentation (1:22:29 minutes) from the Utah Geriatric Education Consortium's 2020 Retreat is given by Dr. Ellen Flaherty (Director of Dartmouth Centers for Health and Aging) who discusses the topic of Age-Friendly Health Systems and the 4Ms. By the end of this lecture, learners should be able to: (1) identify one thing learned about the 4Ms that you can implement in your work; (2) name a barrier to implementing the 4Ms framework (what matters, mentation, medication and mobility) in your work; (3) identify how considering "what matters" influences patient care; (4) identify how incorporating what matters to patients influences your work; (5) identify two biggest challenges/concerns in your work during COVID-19; (6) identify one change resulting from COVID-19 you would like to keep; (7) identify one thing you learned at the retreat about COVID-19 that you plan to apply to your work. (Presentation begins at 10:00 minutes).

Source: Utah Geriatric Education Consortium, 2020.

Ellen Flaherty
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