Telehealth Primary Care: Clinical Workplace Learning and Building the Interprofessional Academic Primary Care PACT/Medical Home

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Health professions clinical training programs often lack telehealth training experiences despite available technology and clear benefits to patients. To address this gap, Boise & San Francisco Telehealth V-IMPACT Hubs in the Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education partnered with the Atlanta VAMC Telehealth V-IMPACT Hub to design telehealth curriculum for health profession education in PACT. This notable collaboration has led to interprofessional workplace learning strategies that not only prepare health professionals for future primary care roles, but in ways  that support clinic to clinic gap coverage and home and mobile telehealth. The curriculum goes beyond basic didactics (definitions and technology descriptions). It includes promoting and teaching interprofessional virtual interaction and collaboration, population health, and care delivery integration with the goal of providing the right care at the right time at the right place.  


  • Review Telehealth Primary Care and integrated Telehealth in Primary Care to home and mobile devices
  • Present the Telehealth Primary Care Curriculum and Evaluation
  • Describe Telehealth Primary Care rotation experience and data to date including:
  • Workshops, simulations, and workplace learning
  • Interprofessional virtual real-time warm handoffs, virtual team huddles and meetings
  • Discuss project lessons and pearls (2015 and beyond) 


Sarai Ambert-Pompey, MD                                                         Internist Boise VAMC V-IMPACT Hub and CoEPCE

Janeen E. Smith, MD                                                      Internist San Francisco VAMC V-IMPACT Hub and Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education

Ijeoma A. Kene-Ewulu, MD, FRCS Ed                                     Clinical Director Atlanta VAMC V-IMPACT Hub

Laura Spoutz, Pharm D, BCPS                                   Pharmacist  Boise VAMC V-IMPACT Hub and Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education

Jennifer Wersland, PsyD                                            Psychologist Boise VAMC V-IMPACT Hub and Center of Excellence in Primary Care Education


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Ambert-Pomepy, Smith, Kene-Ewuli, Spoutz, Wersland