Telehealth ECHO: Tele-Visit Tutorial for Patients, Families, and Caregivers

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This presentation (1:09:26 minutes) by Trudy Bearden discusses strategies and tips for a successful tele-visit and considers such topics as inclusivity, preparation, privacy concerns, time of visit tips, technology, and follow-up. Session objectives are: 1) know your options and rights for including others in a tele-visit; 2) list appropriate uses of a tele-visit and situations when it is best to request an in-person visit; 3) walk through a preparation check list to get the most from your tele-visit; and 4) consider best practices to ensure you (patient, family or caregiver) get what you need during the visit.Slides are available to download. Resources available for download are "20 Things to Know about Telehealth" and "My Telehealth Checklist." Part of the Age-Friendly ECHO series.

Source: Utah Geriatric Education Consortium, 2021

Trudy Bearden
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