Proceedings of the 5th Congress of Health Professions Educators

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The 5th Congress of Health Professions Educators, FutureCare, was held in June 1998. FutureCare took a look around the corner at health care delivery in years to come, and grappled with the underlying lessons for the nation's academic health centers. The papers in this volume include views of nurses and of pharmacists as patients' preferred primary care providers, an exploration of clinicians' increasing need for cultural competency skills, and consideration of the ways in which our rapidly expanding knowledge of genetics will influence people's lives.

Copyright © 1998 by the Association of Academic Health Centers. Available here with permission.

Gilbert S. Omenn
Henri Manasse, Jr.
Mary O'Neil Mundinger
Bernardo Ramirez
Ana E. Nunez
Charles O. Cranford
Colleen Conway-Welch
Ruth S. Hanft
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