The Intersection of Aging and COVID-19

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This panel presentation (1:29:59 minutes) by Dr. Rozalyn Anderson (University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health), Dr. Brian K. Kennedy (Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine), Dr. R. Tamara Konetzka (University of Chicago), Dr. David Melzer (University of Conneticut Center on Aging), and Dr. Janko Nikolich-Zugich (Arizona Center on Aging) explores the basis for the profound skew in vulnerability to COVID-19 where older individuals are at much greater risk of succumbing to disease with much higher mortality rates than for the population at large. This session is designed to be translational, spanning the spectrum of aging with experts in the biology of aging, immunology and infectious disease, and clinical geriatrics. (Presentation begins at 3:00 miniutes.)

Source: Gerontological Society of America, 2020

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