Interprofessional Education: Collaboration or Competition? A Tale of Two Experiences

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We have found that IPE in formal professional education programs can encourage collaboration but has the potential to allow an element of competition between professions. Clinical environments likewise have the potential to foster either. A practice environment that we will term ‘‘professional provincialism’’ may exist when providers compete for patients and the associated reimbursement streams. To minimize this situation, being keenly aware of other professions in terms of what they can contribute effectively and efficiently to overall patient care may result in patients being seen by the appropriate care provider at the appropriate time. The future of health care is not within isolated silos. Providing care with a focus on health, wellness, and outcomes will require the collective efforts of  many levels of care providers working together like a successful sports team. IPE in the early years of training is only a beginning to foster this collaborative team approach to patient care. It is a challenge to all educators responsible for IPE to design strategic experiences that promote positive professional collaboration.

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David A. Krause
John H. Hollman
Wojciech Pawlina
Karen L. Newcomer