Interprofessional Collaborator Assessment Rubric (ICAR)

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The Interprofessional Collaborator Assessment Rubric (ICAR) is intended for use in the assessment of interprofessional collaborator competencies. Development of the ICAR was guided by an interprofessional advisory committee comprising educators from the fields of medicine, nursing and the rehabilitative sciences.

The Rubric dimensions are based on interprofessional collaborator competency statements that were developed and validated through a typological analysis of national and international competency frameworks, a Delphi survey of experts, and interprofessional focus groups with students and faculty.


Key Principles

  1. The Rubric has been developed for usage across different health professional education programs and in different learning contexts.
  2. The Rubric dimensions are not intended to coincide with a specific year or level of a learner in his/her program of studies.
  3. The Rubric may be used as a tool for formative and summative assessment of learners’ competencies in interprofessional collaboration. As a formative assessment, the Rubric would allow learners to receive constructive feedback on competency areas for further development and improvement. As a summative assessment, the Rubric may be used to assess learners’ achievement. The Rubric may also be introduced early in a program and used repeatedly to assess growth and development over time.
  4. Usage of the Rubric in a reliable manner may require multiple interactions and repeated observation of a learner over a period of time.
  5. Programs/disciplines should define remediation opportunities for learners not achieving an acceptable level of competency within their program area.
Curran, V.
Casimiro, L.
Banfield, V.
Hall, P.
Gierman, T.
Lackie, K.
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