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About The Age-Friendly Care and Education Collection

This curated collection highlights educational and clinical resources for educators, health professionals, learners, and others interested in improving care for older adults. This fully searchable collection includes full citations and links to resources deemed of high quality by experts in aging care, education, and research.

Hosted by the Minnesota Northstar Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program (GWEP) at the University of Minnesota.

What’s in the Collection?
  • Assessment instruments
  • Geriatric case studies
  • Clinical guidelines related to geriatric care
  • Competencies relevant to geriatric and interprofessional care and geriatric and gerontological education
  • Journal and lay press articles
  • Links to professional societies and organizations with a geriatric or gerontological focus
  • Patient and caregiver education materials
  • Practice and research toolkits developed by professional societies and national organizations
  • Preceptor materials
  • Teaching modules/toolkits, clinical evaluation, and other curricular materials
  • Videos and narrated slide presentations

Tips for Searching the Collection

Search Bar

Type any word or combination of words in the Search bar, and the Resource Center’s powerful search will find all resources containing those words. This is the best way to find the exact resources you need.

You can search for topics, audiences, types of resources, authors, or even phrases. Using Search is much like searching the internet using a browser.

Example: Type in “falls physical therapist assessment” to search for tools for physical therapists to assess a patient’s risk of falling.

Refine By

The sidebar includes a helpful list of Keywords and Resource Types to click and search. Each category is sorted by the number of times it appears in the collection.

The category lists are not exhaustive, but can help narrow down a list of resources. You can choose more than one category for your search, but that means only those resources tagged in all the categories you choose will appear.

Example: Click “Journal Article”, and “Dementia” to find only journal articles on the topic of dementia.


The Age-Friendly Care and Education Collection is part of Minnesota Northstar GWEP, supported by the Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Program of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Award No. U1QHP33076, the University of Minnesota Office of Academic Clinical Affairs, and the Otto Bremer Trust.