Geriatric Surgery Symposium

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This link provides access to lectures presented at the John Hopkins Bayview Geriatric Surgery Symposium. The topics include: Introduction to Geriatric Surgery Program; Best Practices for an Efficient Geriatric Assessment; Lessons learned from a Geriatric Comprehensive Assessment; Sinai Abbreviated Geriatric Assessment; Q & A; Does a Geriatric Focused Evaluation Really Improve Outcomes?; Assessing/Improving Mobility Along the Consortium; The Effect Anesthesia on Cognitive Impairment; and Optimizing Recovery after Surgery in the Elderly.

Susan Gearhart
John R. Burton
Perry Colvin
JoAnn Coleman
Mark Katlic
Michele Bellantoni
Emily Finlayson
Michael Friedman
Sara Sateri
Virginia Inez Wendel
Michele Bellantoni
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