Editorial - Introducing the Global Research Interprofessional Network (GRIN)

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An interprofessional and interdisciplinary group of friends and colleagues with a common passion for interprofessional education for collaborative patient-centered practice (IECPCP) and the GRIN working group met in Toronto, Canada, in May 2012. Participants were identified for this orientation meeting to ensure representation by educators, clinicians, graduate students and international collaborators. Our aim was to discuss how the research agenda for IECPCP might be advanced with an emphasis on the nurturing and development of new researchers in the field. Discussion led to adoption of the name Global Research Interprofessional Network (GRIN). In this editorial, we discuss the context and rationale behind this new global initiative and present our thoughts on how people may become involved in our further activities.

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Jill Thistlethwaite
The GRIN Working Group
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