COVID-19 and Living with Dementia: Maintaining Well-Being and Purpose

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This webcast (1:57:12) sponsored by the Minnesota Northstar Geriatric Education Center with presentations by Drs., Teresa McCarthy, Kenneth Hepburn, Lauren J. Parker, and Edward Ratner discusses the topic of COVID-19 as well as how to maintain well-being and purpose while living with dementia. Each presenter discusses their specific topic area for about ten minutes: Dr. Edward Ratner provides an introduction to COVID-19; Dr. Lauren J. Parker discusses cultural issues for people living with dementia and COVID-19; Dr. Teresa McCarthy discusses COVID-19 medical care in people with dementia; Dr. Kenneth Hepburn discusses strategies to enhance family care for persons living with dementia in a time of COVID-19; and Dr. Edward Ratner ends the presentation by discussing decisions in the era of COVID-19. The webcast includes additional resources such as a handout with the Powerpoint slides attached, CEU certification, and national and Minnesota resources. (The webcast begins at 3:08 minutes).

Source: Minnesota Northstar Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Progran, 2020.

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