Community-Based Interprofessional Home Care of the Older Adult

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The need to reduce the costs of care for the chronically ill has led to the exploration of ways to provide increasingly more complex care in the home, rather than extending hospital stays or institutionalization. Studies indicate that interprofessional home care teams are able to provide comprehensive patient-centered care to community dwelling medically complex older adults with comparable or better clinical outcomes. Participate in this module to learn about the range of interprofessional home care services available to older adults and the criteria for patients to qualify and be certified for skilled home care.

This learning module, created by Katya Y. Cruz Madrid and Valerie Gruss, discusses community-based interprofessional home care. By the end of the module, learners should be able to: (1) identify the range of home care and community-based services available to older adults to be provided by the interprofessional team; (2) list criteria for patients to qualify for skilled home care services; and (3) differentiate between community services that do and do not require a charge in residence. Registration is required to access the material but there is no charge.

Source: ENGAGE-IL, 2022

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Katya Y. Cruz Madrid
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