Beyond IPEC: Developing Core Competencies for Professional Practice

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Submitted by Peter Cahn on Oct 21, 2015 - 12:28pm CDT

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The MGH Institute of Health Professions prepares graduates as nurses, occupational and physical therapists, speech-language pathologists and physician assistants. As we continue to develop IPE and practice opportunities, we have used the IPEC domains to infuse IPE across disciplines and curricula. To make IPE truly comprehensive, however, we realized that a larger focus was necessary as we prepare students for their full professional roles, which include interprofessional practice, but also require broader skills, such as advocacy, leadership and understanding systems, which are not part of the IPEC domains. Poster presented at CAB V on September 30, 2015, in Roanoke, VA.

Leslie G. Portney, DPT, PhD, FAPTA
Mary S. Knab, DPT, PhD
Peter S. Cahn, PhD
Alex F. Johnson, PhD
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