Measuring interprofessional team collaboration in expanded school mental health: Model refinement and scale development

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Expanded school mental health (ESMH) utilizes interprofessional collaboration to implement learning support and mental health promotion strategies in schools. This study reports on the early development and initial psychometric examination of a new scale, the Index of Interprofessional Team Collaboration for Expanded School Mental Health (IITC-ESMH), for measuring the functioning of interprofessional teams. Exploratory factor analysis results, using data collected from 436 members of interprofessional teams in schools, yielded a 26-item scale with a four-factor model (a) Reflection on Process, (b) Professional Flexibility, (c) Newly Created Professional Activities, and (d) Role Interdependence. Cronbach's alphas for the four factors were .91, .91, .84, and .80 respectively. The findings from this study provide evidence to support the IITC-ESMH as a reliable instrument for measuring interprofessional collaboration.

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Mellin, Elizabeth A
Bronstein, Laura
Anderson-Butcher, Dawn
Amorose, Anthony J
Ball, Anna
Green, Jennifer
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Journal of Interprofessional Care. 24(5):514-23, 2010 Sep.