The journey beyond silos. Teaching and learning interprofessional ethics at UTHealth

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Interprofessional education and ethics education are two educational programs that blend together well, and, moreover, they are a natural fit for teaching in an academic health science center. The purpose of this paper is to describe our recent journey of developing and implementing an interprofessional ethics curriculum across the six schools of UTHealth. We provide an overview of the goals of the Campus-wide Ethics Program, which is housed in the McGovern Center for Humanities and Ethics, and we highlight certain innovative developments that are the result of the collaborative work of faculty and administrators from all six schools of UTHealth. In addition, a brief synopsis of the specific didactic and clinical courses in which ethics is a significant component is outlined for both the dental and the dental hygiene curricula. Lastly, we describe some of the recent scholarly activities that are a product of this new program. We are excited about our evolving efforts and the potential benefits of weaving interprofessional ethics within our school and across our campus. This article tells the story of our journey beyond "the silos" that are common among academic health science centers.

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Flaitz, Catherine M
Carlin, Nathan
Shepherd, Boyd W
McWherter, Jayne A
Bebermeyer, Richard D
Walji, Muhammad F
Spike, Jeffrey
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Texas Dental Journal. 128(8):716-26, 2011 Aug.