Interprofessional workshop to improve mutual understanding between pharmacy and medical students

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To measure changes in pharmacy and medical students' physician-pharmacist collaboration scores resulting from a workshop designed to promote understanding of the others' roles in health care.


More than 88% of first-year pharmacy (n = 215) and medical (n = 205) students completed the Scale of Attitudes Toward Physician-Pharmacist Collaboration on 3 occasions in order to establish a baseline of median scores and to determine whether the scores were influenced by an interprofessional workshop.


Participation in the interprofessional workshop increased pharmacy students' collaboration scores above baseline (p=0.02) and raised the scores of medical students on the education component of the collaboration survey instrument (p=0.015). The collaboration scores of pharmacy students greatly exceeded those of medical students (p<0.0001).


A workshop designed to foster interprofessional understanding between pharmacy and medical students raised the physician-pharmacist collaboration scores of both. Crucial practical goals for the future include raising the collaboration scores of medical students to those of pharmacy students.

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Van Winkle, Lon J
Bjork, Bryan C
Chandar, Nalini
Cornell, Susan
Fjortoft, Nancy
Green, Jacalyn M
La Salle, Sophie
Lynch, Sean M
Viselli, Susan M
Burdick, Paulette
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American Journal of Pharmaceutical Education. 76(8):150, 2012 Oct 12.