Interprofessional education in action: the VA Quality Scholars fellowship program

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Although there are many examples of interprofessional education activities that focus on quality and safety, few include longitudinal experiences of teams working together over time. One exception is the Veterans Affairs Quality Scholars (VAQS) fellowship program. This article describes the integration of interprofessional education into the VAQS fellowship program, offers 2 examples of interprofessional projects conducted by the fellows, and discusses the VAQS program as a model for others to consider in developing interprofessional training programs in safety and quality improvement.

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Patrician, Patricia A
Dolansky, Mary
Estrada, Carlos
Brennan, Caitlin
Miltner, Rebecca
Newsom, Jeremiah
Olds, Danielle
Splaine, Mark
Moore, Shirley
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Nursing Clinics of North America. 2012; 47(3):347-54.