Fostering the development of effective person-centered healthcare communication skills: an interprofessional shared learning model

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To describe the implementation of an interprofessional shared learning model designed to promote the development of person-centered healthcare communication skills.


Master of social work (MSW) and doctor of physical therapy (DPT) degree students.


The model used evidence-based principles of effective healthcare communication and shared learning methods; it was aligned with student learning outcomes contained in MSW and DPT curricula. Students engaged in 3 learning sessions over 2 days. Sessions involved interactive reflective learning, simulated role-modeling with peer assessment, and context-specific practice of communication skills. The perspective of patients/clients was included in each learning activity. Activities were evaluated through narrative feedback.


Students valued opportunities to learn directly from each other and from healthcare consumers. Important insights and directions for future interprofessional learning experiences were gleaned from model implementation.


The interprofessional shared learning model shows promise as an effective method for developing person-centered communication skills.

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Cavanaugh, James T
Konrad, Shelley Cohen
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Work. 41(3):293-301, 2012.