National Center's Year Three Report Now Available


At the end of Year Three, the National Center defines its role as "igniting the movement," leveraging expertise and what are learning to energize, coach and guide those interested in new interprofessional, team-based models. 


This report highlights four areas of National Center progress during Year Three. Because of the sheer volume of National Center activity, we have chosen our most important achievements – showing where we are making a significant difference in the national conversation about health care transformation.


Highlights of Year Three include: 

  • Greater national involvement and influence resulting in a deeper understanding of and broader interest in the integration of practice and education to transform health care

  • A refined approach to testing new models and collecting data through the Nexus Innovation Network and National Center Data Repository

  • Increased engagement and service to practice and education stakeholders

  • Enhanced center management to improve effectiveness


We know that health care transformation will only occur when practice and education collaborations are many, deep and strong. We will continue to encourage and facilitate these nationwide, and we anticipate additional organizations of all types to design and test new models of their own. Our role as coach and mentor will continue to grow as this community grows.

We remain committed to “igniting the movement” to advance the growing national excitement about the integration of practice and education – and the results we have seen to date. We look forward to breakthrough progress in Year Four.


Click here to see our Year Three highlights and to access the report.