National Center launches new community-generated resource exchange

Looking for a presentation you heard at a recent conference? Or an assessment tool for interprofessional learning outcomes? This week, the National Center launches a new community-led, fully searchable resource exchange for sharing and discovering the latest in interprofessional practice and education.

As our community grows, the resource exchange will become a digital repository of current and historical information about interprofessional practice and education, and all content is freely available for viewing. Anyone with a National Center user account may contribute content with just a few clicks, including links to published articles or online resources, reports, images, videos, presentations and more. 

Join the conversation

Beyond sharing and discovering new information, the resource exchange is just one way you can participate in the National Center’s growing online community. Tell your colleagues that a tool or article was useful with a simple click. Leave a comment or question to start a conversation with the author. Or spread the word about a helpful resource by email or on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

This community-led approach is core to the National Center. The resource exchange is designed to connect the experts—who are already doing incredible work and research around the world—to generate the best new ideas for better care, added value and healthier communities.

How it’s organized

The resource exchange uses collections to make browsing and searching easier. And you can add your own tags to help describe and categorize your resource. Collections include collaborative practice; finance and infrastructure; interprofessional education and learning; leadership; health outcome;, patients, families and communities; policy; research and evaluation; teamwork; the Nexus; and underserved populations.

Contribute to the resource exchange

  • Log in or create a new profile.
  • Navigate to the resource exchange.
  • Click “contribute to the resource exchange” and follow the one-page submission process.
  • Your content is available on the resource exchange right away.
  • Share it with your colleagues!


Questions about the resource exchange or the National Center website? Tell us in the website feedback forum.