Experiences with IPE and the Early-Stage Learner

The Foundations of Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration (FIPCC) course was launched in 2010 by the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center.  As an introductory course, FIPCC brings together early-stage learners from across the health, health care, and health-care associated professions to engage each other in an interprofessional learning environment.  In the Fall of 2013, over 1000 enrolled students from 13 professions will meet in 85 mixed professional groups to engage in exercises designed to promote development of interprofessional skills.

In the coming months, I will post topics for discussion from an experiential perspective.  It is my hope that, by sharing the experiences and insights gained through FIPCC, a conversation and network of collaboration among educators will develop.  My goal is that we will experience what we hope our students will – by sharing and combining our varied experience and expertise we will become better equipped to solve the challenges of a transformed environment.

This guest blog was written by Paul Jardine, Research Associate Professor, Department of Diagnostic and Biological Sciences - School of Dentistry, Center for Interprofessional Education - Academic Health Center, Course Director - Foundations of Interprofessional Communication and Collaboration, University of Minnesota.