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An AMS (Agency management System) is very well known synonym of CRM (Customer Relation management System. Its main operative objectives are for bookkeeping and easy information caterer which helps in easy bookkeeping and separating information and use of it according to schedules.

Here are the most common and needed features of an insurance agent management software works:

MDI interface

You can work simultaneously with multiple instances of the same item or open several different sections without having to close the previous one. All sections are held open by a simple drop-down control accessible at all times.

Adaptable to the user

The software allows multiple users to create and define the look and behavior of the environment that best suits your preferences. The setting - http://Www.newsweek.com/search/site/setting is adjusted insurance - http://www.cloudams.com to the screen resolution to maximize the available space. You can integrate your corporate image program to provide a more professional image.

High level of security

You can set different permissions to users so that they can limit or even refuse, access to a user or group to the various items of software, data editing, reporting, etc.

Strict compliance with the Data Protection Act

The software maintains strict control and registration of each of the actions and movements of data that take place in the program environment. To a possible inspection of the Data Protection Agency may issue a detailed historical access and changes regarding the information stored in the database report.

Contact management and calendar

You can also be used independently additional module. It incorporates a versatile management of contacts, appointments, and reminders. It is a tool for planning and management groupware fully adapted to the network. During the execution schedule, the unattended module displays scheduled alerts, which can be served, postponed, etc.

Import and export data

Extensive management for receiving and sending data from and to all types of entities, such as companies, employees, experts, etc. You can import portfolios of major companies and even define custom import formats.