Nexus Innovation Network Webinars

Advancing Nexus Innovations Network Nexus Innovation Network Webinars

The Nexus is coming to life at sites across the country, where Network members are turning ideas into action and creating a practical snapshot of how interprofessional practice and education can be used effectively in different clinical and learning environments.


IPE Core Data Set Webinar – The video at this link offers a description of the National Center’s IPE Core Data Set. Think about how your existing project, or a new endeavor, might benefit from the first-of-its-kind core data set for interprofessional practice and education. Join the movement!

Critical Incident Survey – A critical incident is any event that produces a fork in the road or is a turning point for a project.  Critical incidents can have a positive, negative, or neutral effect. Here is a 5-minute video describing the National Center’s Critical Incident Survey and the value it provides to both your project and our collective learning. Understanding projects’ critical incidents allows the National Center to identify common issues and events affecting IPE and develop strategies to address them.