Vodcast Series: How Do I Get Started with Interprofessional Education?

A Guided Tour of Key Principles, Practical Pearls, and Existing Resources

This vodcast series is a faculty development resource developed by experts in the field of interprofessional education. The vodcast is designed to be practical and user-friendly for individuals or teams of faculty who are in the early stages of implementing interprofessional education. This series will be available for free to current AIHC members and for a fee to individuals that are not members of the organization. Active AIHC members and anyone who purchases the course will have permanent access to all content. Some of the modules are currently available for free to give you a sense of the content format and scope.


IPE Principles and Why It Matters

  • Principles of IPE
  • IPE: Why It Matters

Organizational Structures and Support for IPE

  • Building IPE Infrastructure
  • Engaging Interprofessional Leaders and Stakeholders 

Theoretical Frameworks for IPE 

Designing Interprofessional Curriculum

  • Theoretical Underpinnings for IPE 
  • Practical approaches for Designing IPE Curriculum

Assessing and Evaluating IPECP

  • Assessment & Evaluation of IPECP – Key Concepts
  • Types and Timing of IPECP Assessments
  • Types and Timing of IPECP Evaluations

Faculty Development and Rewarding IPE

  • Faculty Development
  • Rewarding IPE

Innovative Teaching Strategies and Approaches for IPE
Common Pitfalls and Challenges to Consider
Culture, Change, and Sustainability

  • Culture and Change
  • Sustainability

Details and Preview