Nexus Summit 2023 Seminar Showcase: What’s Your Pitch? Adopting a Business Approach to Advocate for IPE Resources




This webinar is part of the Nexus Summit 2023 Seminar Showcase series. You may register for this and the other webinars in the Series here.

Series Description:

The Nexus Summit Seminar Showcase is a free webinar series from the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. The seminar showcase features the highest rated peer-reviewed seminars offered during last year’s annual conference, the Nexus Summit 2023, and covers topics ranging from artificial intelligence (AI), longitudinal assessment strategies, team well-being, health equity, multi-institutional models, and interprofessional advocacy, among others.  Offered between March - July 2024, the Nexus Summit Seminar Showcase will provide an opportunity to learn from, with, and about the work being done to improve practice, education and health for those we serve.


Most healthcare education program accreditors in the US require that learners receive training and experience that will enable them to collaborate effectively on interprofessional teams when they graduate (HPAC, 2019). However, a recent study of the organizational structure of IPE programs in the U.S. found that dedicated resources for IPE tend to be associated with centralized infrastructure at institutions with an academic health center (Shrader et al, 2022). Institutions without such resources may struggle to develop and sustain IPE programs due to a variety of barriers at the individual, institutional, and governmental/policy levels (Lawlis et al., 2014). Program leaders need tools and strategies that can help them find their own IPE niche and advocate for resources to support their efforts. The IPEC Institutional Assessment Instrument (Zorek et al., 2022) provides a framework that IPE leaders can use to identify the opportunities and gaps in their institution’s approach to IPE. 


The purpose of this seminar is to provide IPE leaders with tools to evaluate their current assets, leverage their institution’s strengths to create meaningful IPE for their setting, and develop a business case that provides a compelling argument for support. 


In addition to the IPEC institutional assessment, we will introduce two additional tools, First, we will use Liberating Structures, a set of interactive methods for effectively harnessing creative ideas from stakeholders (Lipmanowicz & McCandless, 2013). Second, we will also introduce participants to the pitch deck, a popular business technique that can be adapted to help academics tell more compelling stories (Toor, 2022). We will address two of the conference themes. We will help participants begin to build their own IPE case using information and evidence that can inform outcomes. These tools and resources will help to develop IPE leaders that can create and sustain effective programs. 


As a result of this seminar, participants will be able to:

  1. Evaluate the current state of IPE at their own institution
  2. Discuss methods for gathering information and evidence to build their IPE case
  3. Develop a pitch for a sustainable IPE program



Kelly Lockeman, PhD, Virginia Commonwealth University

Joseph Zorek, PharmD, BCGP, FNAP, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio


Event Date: 
Wednesday, July 10, 2024 - 11:00am to 12:00pm CDT