AIHC Webinar Series: Collaborative Care in Inpatient Settings: Experiences Shared and Lessons Learned

Overview: Traditional patterns of health care practice are deeply ingrained. What is it like to try to change those patterns? What are the experiences of health professionals, patients, and family members who implement collaborative care? Where to start? What strategies work best?

This webinar explores the complex social realities, rewards, benefits, stresses, worries, and practical considerations, including time, of implementing collaborative inpatient care.

The webinar will be presented by care team members who are presently going through this transformation to collaborative care with active engagement of patients and families--including a patient, family member, nurse, pharmacist, nurse practitioner, physician assistant, chaplain, and physician who will share their experiences and lessons learned with the webinar audience.

A conceptual model, known as the Social Field Model of Collaborative Care, will be presented as a way of understanding how health care practice culture arises, and how practice patterns can be intentionally, successfully changed to become more collaborative in local care environments.


  • Reflect on the experiences of care teams implementing inpatient collaborative care

  • Discuss practical approaches for transforming practice patterns in care environments

  • Understand collaborative Social Fields and how they are built through social interactions


Paul Uhlig, MD, MPA, PACS, Associate Professor, University of Kansas School of Medicine - Wichita, and Practicing Cardiothoracic Surgeon


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Event Date: 
Thursday, March 31, 2016 - 1:00pm
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