National Center Data Repository

National Center Data Repository

An essential component to the Nexus Innovations Incubator Network’s success is a first-in-the-nation data repository focused on IPECP outcomes. Called the National Center Data Repository (NCDR), it is where incubator network members collect data on their own projects and upload de-identified data to contribute to the national understanding of the Nexus on Triple Aim outcomes.

The NCDR uses state-of-the-art analysis capabilities to address the challenge of lack of data to test the effectiveness and return on investment of interprofessional models.

The repository uses the University of Minnesota Academic Health Center Information Exchange to collect data from electronic health records and survey instruments in the Nexus Innovations Incubator Network. It also uses standard definitions, data aggregation and advanced analytics including, National Center standardized data sets, educational and research data and existing national and federal databases.

The NCDR houses both a core data set common to all incubator network sites and site-specific information. In partnership with our incubator network, the National Center gathers de-identified data, including:

  • 30 education-specific indicators
  • 26 demographic, site, project, ecological and learner descriptor indicators
  • 80 indicators related to return-on-investment
  • Multiple health outcomes indicators (de-identified)

The National Center staff will use information submitted to the NCDR to process output and outcomes data about co-created IPECP models from each Nexus Innovations Incubator Network location.

The NCDR is guided and advised quarterly by an advisory council of appointed national experts.