Linking Interprofessional Education with Practice and the Triple Aim

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Submitted by Jody S Frost on Mar 3, 2015 - 9:35am CST

In thinking about the challenges of determining how IPE in the classroom directly impacts future health professional practitioners who can better achieve the Triple Aim, we were wondering if there are any health professions that have sponsored a working conference/summit/institute that convened educators, practitioners, and researchers to: 1) identify specifically what what is needed to enable the entry-level health professional to be ready for collaborative practice teams, 2) based on this practice description, determined what health professional education must include in its curriulum to address this practice-defined outcomes, and 3) determined the research processes and assessments required to enable health professions to determine how well the educational preparation for health professionals meets these collaborative practice-ready models that results in demonstrated improvement in achieving the Triple Aim outcomes?

If you have thoughts as well about how this might be done, we are all ears!

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