Nexus Innovation Network Membership Criteria

Advancing Nexus Innovation Network Membership Criteria

Are you interested in joining the Nexus Innovation Network? Through a phased approach, we support qualified participants in developing a Nexus initiative involving an educational and health system partnership.

Before entering the process, we ask that each interested site confirm its commitment to developing and implementing a Nexus initiative that will:

  • Integrate clinical practice and education
  • Contain at least one intervention to impact the Triple Aim (cost, quality and population health) in a significant and relevant manner that has potential national interest
  • Include interprofessional teams involving students and/or residents
  • Engage patients, families and communities
  • Engage one or more practice sites, identifying committed leadership for the initiative at each participating site
  • Share project data with the National Center as well as complete the National Center data surveys
  • Have future potential for transportability and scalability after the basic model has demonstrated proven outcomes

Once accepted into the network, the National Center team will support your project team to design and refine your Nexus initiative. At that point, we will request that your participating institutions commit that they will:

  • Agree to contribute and share required resources among the participants and the National Center to accomplish the goals of the Nexus Initiative
  • Execute the necessary memorandum of agreement
  • Complete the necessary surveys as well as the project-specific data set for each project in a timely manner

We are excited to partner with organizations that share our goal of better collaboration, effectiveness and outcomes in health care. Please contact us to discuss Nexus Innovation Network requirements and next steps.