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Primary Care Innovation: The Future is Interprofessional

On August 9, 2019, Barbara F. Brandt presented "Primary Care Innovation: The Future is Interprofessional" to the HRSA Primary Care Workforce Stakeholder Meeting in Rockville, MD. 

Annual Emswiller Interprofessional Symposium hosted by Virginia Commonwealth University

The Jewell and Carl F. Emswiller Interprofessional Symposium is an annual event that provides a forum for health professional students, educators, practitioners, researchers, and policy-makers who have the power to improve health and wellness for individual patients, communities, and populations through innovation in interprofessional practice and education. It is a one-day conference held each year in early spring.  Faculty, practitioners, and students from all healthcare fields are invited.

Kelly Lockeman - Nov 14, 2019

University of St. Augustine: "The Role of Interprofessional Practice and Education in Redesigning Health Care"

On September 5, 2019, Dr. Barbara F. Brandt presented a keynote to the University of St. Augustine Faculty Retreat on "The Role of Interprofessional Practice and Education in Redesigning Health Care."

Dr. Brandt was invited to present by Jordan Utley, PhD, LAT, ATC, IPE Task Force Chair at USA, and Divina Grossman, PhD, RN, ARNP, FAAN, President and Chief Academic Officer.

Social Determinants of Health FREE CE panel event Sept 19, 2019 at 1pm CST

For All Health Care Professionals

Social Determinants of Health: FREE CE Panel Discussion on Sept. 19, 2019

Offered by the UnitedHealth Group Center for Clinician Advancement

Who: All Health Care Professionals (HCPs)

What: Attend FREE CE Panel

When: 1:00 p.m. (Central) Thursday, Sept. 19

How: Available via Live Webcast

Jeanne Gibson - Aug 29, 2019

Critical Resources for the Clinical Education Workplace

Live link resources for the clinical education and learning environment.

Various resources to support the clinical education and workplace learning environment (Beyond VHA)

Scholarly Works for the Clinical Education Workplace- Centers of Excellence in Primary Care Education

A compilation of recent scholarly works for interprofessional trainee education and faculty development.

Live links to articles, coursework, case studies, webinars, curriculum and other items for interest to the interprofessional education and clinical practice community.

Interprofessional Case Management Experience (ICME)

Interprofessional Case Management Experience Students from multiple disciplines will meet together to consider a case, develop an interprofessional care plan, share documentation, and resolve a simulated case scenario. 

Megan Austin - Apr 22, 2019

SAMSHA Core Competency Workshops for BH-PC Student Interns

A rigorous 2-semester curriculum for the Certificate in Integrated Primary Care and Behavioral Health was designed and implemented as a 1-year training and evaluation tool with 22 BH-PC students. The curriculum was deigned through collaboration and integration from social work, counseling psychology and psychiatric nursing as a way to build upon the disciplines similarities and guide the students into a collaborative interdisciplinary perspective with their BH VOAs.

Megan Austin - Apr 22, 2019

Interprofessional Curriculum for Care of Older Adults (iCCOA)

The Interprofessional Curriculum for Care of Older Adults (iCCOA), is a project funded by HRSA to develop and evaluate an interdisciplinary geriatric curriculum for medical, nursing, social work, counseling psychology, pharmacy, dentistry, and law students, fellows and residents. Other learners include professional health care workers, community organizers, peer mentors and frontline workers.

Megan Austin - Apr 22, 2019

Toward a system where workforce planning and interprofessional practice and education are designed around patients and populations not professions

Traditional workforce planning methodologies and interprofessional education (IPE) approaches will not address the significant challenges facing health care systems seeking to integrate services, eliminate waste and meet rising demand within fixed or shrinking budgets. This article describes how New Zealand’s workforce planning approach could be used as a model by other countries to move toward needs-based, interprofessional workforce planning.