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University of Southern Indiana: Student Team Develop Comprehensive Care Plans

Students engage with the Veteran’s Administration (VA) Patient Aligned Care Teams (PACT), as well as nurse practitioners and support staff from the USI Community Health Centers, to develop comprehensive care plans and provide patient care. The teams are charged with developing a plan of care that addresses an individual’s primary health care needs.

Resources for the plan include individual, family and community assessments, and it is developed in collaboration with the IPE team, the individual and the family/support system. The teams also integrate technology such as telehealth to assist and support the patients for better self-management of their health. USI faculty members serve as Interprofessional Clinical Coaches (ICC) at each location. Intended intervention outcomes include improved management of chronic conditions and reduced hospital admissions.

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Arizona Nexus: Interprofessional Education Community of Practice: Connecting IPE Training to Collaborative Practice in Community Health Settings

With the goal of improving health care outcomes, this intervention supports collaborative practice in community-based primary care clinics that serve underserved populations. In Phase 1 of the project, an interdisciplinary group of preceptors will complete the IPE Faculty Development: Train-the Trainer CoP program, and develop lesson plans. In Phase 2, these preceptors will supervise students who are part of interprofessional teams at El Rio Community Health Center and HealthPoint Community. In Phase 3, the effects of these collaborative practice efforts will be assessed. The intervention thereby creates a nexus between ATSU-SOMA and the community clinics.

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Arizona Nexus: Community Health Mentor Program (CHMP)

The “Community Health Mentor Program” (CHMP) reflects the alignment of health professions education where the students learn from their assigned community health mentor who has a chronic disease and/or disability about their experience as a patient within the healthcare system and their community, as well as their role within an interprofessional team. The students meet with their assigned mentor eight times over the course of the one year. This project collectively forms a ‘nexus’ partnership between two state academic institutions, interprofessional student teams, and a defined population of residential community-based consumers of healthcare.

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East Tennessee State University: Foundational Interprofessional Education as Preparation for Collaborative Practice

This project is a classroom-based study of a foundational-level IPE curricula which aims to prepare students for advanced training in collaborative clinical practice models. The curriculum teaches team-care skills that have been shown to improve the Triple Aim . It utilizes the Preceptors in the Nexus Toolkit as well as TeamSTEPPS resources. Students participate over four semesters.

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South Dakota Nexus: Interprofessional Teach Back Approach to Patient Care

The purpose of this project is to determine if an interprofessional team of clinicians and students, working together using a standard teach back method, may improve the quality of the patient’s discharge transition, have a positive effect on Sanford team and student collaboration, improve the patient experience of care, and decrease cost while preventing 30-day readmissions.

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University of Rochester: Preparing Family Nurse Practitioners and Physicians for Interprofessional Collaborative Care with IPEC Core Competencies

This project focuses on developing IPE competencies among nurse practitioners in a one-year residency program and family medicine residents in a three-year residency program. The intervention places the NP residents in weekly interprofessional education sessions with family medicine residents and on interprofessional collaborative care teams at Highland Family Medicine. The NP residents will have both NP and MD faculty preceptors, who will provide feedback on interoprofessional skills development and teamwork.

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Saint Louis University: Undergraduate Community Practicum

The Undergraduate Community Practicum engages interprofessional teams of undergraduate health professions students with agency partners in the community to support or implement projects that advance the agency's goals.

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Saint Louis University: Clinical Practicum

The Clinical Practicum engages interprofessional teams of undergraduate health professions students with interprofessional teams in a clinical setting. Multiple settings within hospitals, health care organizations, and community settings are utilized to enable students to gain experience assessing how different interprofessional teams function, and the environmental and personal attributes that contribute to effective teams working together to improve patient care and outcomes. 

Charles Cho - Jul 22, 2016

Saint Louis University: Graduate Interprofessional Team Seminars

The Graduate Interprofessional Team Seminars are a required and embedded component for seven health professions programs.  The focus of the seminars is interprofessional teamwork to improve patient safety and quality care and is a product of individual professional skills, teamwork skills, and effective systems/processes of care for post-baccalaureate health professions students.
Charles Cho - Jul 22, 2016

Grand Valley State University: Emerging Role on the Interprofessional Team: Medical Scribes in the Emergency Department

Member Since: April 2014

Intervention: Emerging Role on the Interprofessional Team: Medical Scribes in the Emergency Department


  • Grand Valley State University (GVSU)

  • Emergency Care Specialists, P.C. (ECS)

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