Telemedicine and Virtual Services to Enhance Access and Improve Care

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This presentation (1:11:59 minutes) on telemedicine and virtual services by Trudy Bearden is sponsored by the Utah Geriatric Education Consortium. This ECHO session includes a case study, opportunities for discussion, and must-know information and clarifications to ensure successful and sustained remote service delivery. This session looks through the lens of the supporting role of the nurse in delivery of telemedicine. By the end of this presentation, learners should be able to: (1) articulate the difference between telehealth and virtual services – a common point of confusion; (2) appreciate the full range of remote services for health care service delivery in long term services and supports settings, including special considerations long-term post-acute care facilities, assisted living facilities and home health services; (3) outline the case for telehealth and virtual services to sustainably achieve the quadruple aim; and (4) embed improvement science in their telehealth journey. (Presentation begins at 6:15 minutes)

Trudy Bearden