End-of-Life Care: From Living Wills to POLST to MOELI

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This presentation (1:27:58) given by Dr. Richard Stuart, Medical Staff-Psychology at Swedish-Edmons Hospital and Clinical Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychiatry & Behavior Sciences at the School of Medicine, University of Washington, is part of the Spring 2018 NW Geriatrics Workforce Enhancement Center's Geriatric Healthcare Lecture Series. By the end of this presentation, learners should be able to: 1) identify skills needed for health professionals to think critically of end-of-life care and help patients make informed choices; 2) develop skill in assessing a patient's capacity to make informed decisions; and 3) develop skills needed to help patients create living wills and surrogates to honor them. Presentation slides are also available for download through the link. (Presentation begins at 2:50 minutes).

Richard Stuart