Director of Interprofessional Education

Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center (TTUHSC) is currently seeking applicants for the position of Assistant Managing Director in the Office of Interprofessional Education. Reporting directly to the Senior Managing Director of Interprofessional Education, the Assistant Managing Director (AMD) in the Office of Interprofessional Education will manage the planning and implementation of existing and newly developed high-quality interprofessional education and practice initiatives. The AMD manages and oversees the day-to-day operations in the office and supervises the staff, graduate student assistants, and teaching assistants employed in the office. The AMD has the responsibility and authority to oversee institutional operations related to IPE, including supportive infrastructure and external partnerships in delivering interprofessional education programming to learners across Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center and our inter-institutional partners. The AMD will work closely with faculty and administrators across TTUHSC, other institutions, and community stakeholders to design, organize, and evaluate IPE programming. The AMD will develop, implement, maintain, and evaluate an IPE strategic and operational plan that ensures effective, evidence-based, and collaborative IPE programming across TTUHSC academic curricula. They will oversee institutional-level IPE program development and execute IPE programming, ranging from working with faculty in designing, organizing, delivering, and evaluating IPE programming for undergraduate and graduate students in health-related professional and biomedical programs. They will also identify and provide training and resources to faculty, staff, and students to ensure ongoing support for IPE programming within and across TTUHSC schools and individual academic programs.

Assistant Managing Director for IPE Announcement:

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