Nexus Innovation Network Onboarding Path

Advancing Nexus Innovations Network Nexus Innovation Network Onboarding Path

The Nexus is coming to life at sites across the country, where Network members are turning ideas into action and creating a practical snapshot of how interprofessional practice and education can be used effectively in different clinical and learning environments.

The Nexus Innovation Network is a growing national community of practice-education partners coordinated by the National Center for Interprofessional Practice and Education. These partners implement IPE, collect data with the National Center, and create a real-time snapshot of how IPE can be used effectively in different clinical, community and learning environments.

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Interprofessional Practice and Education
Read about interprofessional education and collaborative practice (IPE), the Nexus, the Nexus Innovation Network and how to contribute knowledge to advance the national IPE movement.
Create a profile on – (personal profile optional); be recognized as a contributor when you share articles and resources on the website!
Engage local stakeholders in interprofessional practice and education to consider how to transform/expand IPECP locally. Include institutional leadership.
Utilize the Nexus Learning System: Assess Your Nexus and its Six Characteristics; Create a Compelling Vision; Co-Write your Nexus Story; Quadruple Aim of Alignment; Institute of Medicine IPE Learning Continuum Model.
Cultivate your local Nexus
Identify local interprofessional stakeholders to advance a specific project or initiative. Identify the leadership across practice and education that should be engaged.
Build your Network Innovation Network project team. Consider who should be engaged to support development, implementation, data collection and evaluation of the project in collaboration with the National Center. Share your Compelling Vision with the team.
Utilize the Nexus Learning System: National Center Stair Step Model; Personal Values Exploration; Stakeholder Analysis; Benefits: What Matters to Whom in Your Team’s Nexus; Critical Success Strategy; National Center SOAR; Sustainability Planning.
Familiarize your Nexus team with the National Center’s IPE Core Data Set and assess how your project’s desired outcomes may align with the National Center’s IPE Core Data Set.
Decide to submit a Project Proposal to join the Nexus Innovation Network. Communicate with to let us know of your interest!
Network support to optimize outcomes
Utilize the Nexus Learning System: Aligning Resources in the Nexus; Kennedy Model of Sustainability; PICOT; Network Project Outcomes Framework.
Communicate with with the name of your project. Then the Principal Investigator will be given guidance to register in the National Center IPE Information Exchange
Draft your Project Proposal to meet your local needs, in alignment with developing national standards.
Submit your Project Proposal in National Center IPE Information Exchange for review and feedback by the National Center’s Scientific Review Team. The Scientific Review Team will work with project PI to refine the proposal in alignment with national standards and in support of local goals.
Apply to your IRB.
Generate new knowledge
Participate in a welcome call with a leader of the Nexus Innovation Network.
Participate in Orientation to the information Exchange and IPE Core Data Set.
Share a project summary, to be featured on the Nexus Innovation Network webpage.
Work with National Center team to complete a Memorandum of Agreement and Data Use Agreement (if required by local institution).
Encourage all co-Investigators and/or PI Designee to register in the Information Exchange so they can contribute project data.
Confirm IRB approval, once secured, by indicating this on the Information Exchange Dashboard.
Nexus transformation for improved education and practice outcomes
Complete surveys in the Information Exchange: Interprofessional Education Learning Environment and Clinical Learning Environment Surveys.
Send survey invitations from the Information Exchange: Nexus learners to complete the ICCAS, and the Nexus clinical practice team to complete the ACE-15.
Submit IPE Core Data to the Information Exchange.
Optional: Submit data from extended measures to the Information Exchange, including data dictionaries and survey tools.
Annually: Review and refresh your project’s surveys in the Information Exchange so you can continue to contribute to advancing the field.
Annually: Complete reflection report including the Stairstep Model.
Work with your Nexus team to publish your outcomes.
Community of Practice and Network Engagement
Share your work with others! Submit an abstract for the National Center Summit workshops, poster session, or Nexus Fair.
Attend the National Center Summit to learn from colleagues from around the nation.
Participate in online learning and sharing experiences as a member of the Network.
Participate in a community of practice.
Contribute new tools, resources or publications to the Resource Center so they can be accessed by the growing IPE community.
Share your success stories through